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Domestic Battle >> About Us

Who We Are

Domestic Battle is a national non-profit organization with a single mission, to end homelessness amongst those that have selflessly sacrificed and served in our nation's armed forces. Via our core counseling programs, fund raising efforts and help from a thankful nation we strive to both better and end the plight of homeless veterans throughout America as soon as possible. Nothing fancy, just a group of thankful and motivated people trying to make a difference.


What We Do

Domestic Battle converts large donated mobile vehicles into mobile counseling centers that service high risk areas around the country. Via our mobile units targeted groups will have access to job training, postal services, telecommunication services, shelter, benefits counseling, medical care, substance abuse counseling and other general psychological counseling where needed.

The focus of our mobile counseling centers will be assisting in the areas of:

  • Job placement and training
  • Housing support and placement
  • Sustainability and communication services
  • Veteran benefit counseling
  • Substance abuse counseling and support


Where We Are

We are currently raising money via donations to launch our first mobile counseling center in the spring of 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia area. Upon successful launch we plan to roll out additional mobile counseling centers in cities throughout the United States in high risk areas.


Our Mission

Domestic Battle strives to improve the lives of homeless veterans or those on the verge of becoming homeless by mobilizing the power and resources of communities around the country.


Our Goals

We have two primary goals. First, we strive to end homelessness, specifically among our nation's veterans as soon as possible. Secondly, we strive to support veterans at risk of becoming homeless.