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Domestic Battle >> $1 Campaign

One Dollar, One Million Thank Yous, One Mission...
To End Homelessness Among Veterans!

What is the $1 Campaign?

Domestic Battle presents the $1 Campaign. A unique fundraising experiment to say thank you to our nation's veterans and to help combat the issue of homelessness among those that have served in the armed forces. The idea is simple, we want everyone in America to take a moment, think of the sacrifices our veterans have made and donate just $1 to help fund programs geared towards helping veterans throughout America. If you can donate more give more, make a donation in honor of a fallen loved one or just donate $1 in your own name to say thanks!

While the campaign is continuous we make a special push in the time leading up to November 11th (Veteran's Day). For those unable to donate $1 we encourage you to use our online tool to send a thank you note to a veteran, it's free and means more than you know to those who have served and those currently serving.

Our hope is to raise enough money to support our upcoming events (i.e. Spring Life Fair) and launch our mobile counseling centers. A unique resource to aide homeless veterans in cities across America by providing counseling, job training and other varied resources free of charge.

You can use the links below to make a donation now online via major credit card or print our donation form and mail it in with your check, money order or other certified funds.

For your convenience, we now except donations via Google Checkout and PayPal. To continue please select your preferred method from the list below and click on the respective button.

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We truly thank you for your support.


For more information on the $1 campaign please feel free to email