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We are currently looking for motivated individuals that want to help our cause and mission. Everyone has special talents and every little bit helps. We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about volunteer opportunities with Domestic Battle.

Tell A Friend

Help us grow by spreading the word to family and friends. Click here to send an email to family, friends or associates about Domestic Battle, our efforts and mission.

Make A Donation

Every contribution helps! Without the help of donations our programs would fail. Whether you're participating in our $1 Campaign or making a larger donation, every penny helps. Click here to make a donation now!

Send A Thank You Note

Ever stop to think of the sacrifices veterans make for complete strangers on a daily basis? Take a minute to send one or more of them a thank you note. It means more than you can know! Email us your notes via

Suggest A Program

Our mission is to help end the plight of homeless veterans. If you have an idea or suggestion on a program or any other way we can help we'd love to hear it. Email us your ideas via

Tell Your Story

Are you a homeless veteran or a veteran close to being homeless? Share your story with us and help us prevent and protect others from falling victim to homelessness. Email your story to